Colin A. Houston & Associates, Inc.

Colin A. Houston & Associates, Inc. (CAHA) is an international, technical consulting firm founded in 1971. We offer proprietary and multiclient chemical market research studies, client support and consulting, newsletters and other services to clients on five continents. We specialize in surfactants, their raw materials and related products. This work positions CAHA well to carry out work in the end markets, including detergents.

CAHA provides a range of proprietary business consulting services related to chemical marketing and technology. To learn how CAHA can help you with your understanding of the chemical market, see the CLIENT SERVICES/SUPPORT area. For examples of our proprietary work, see PROPRIETARY STUDIES.

CAHA offers several multiclient studies and market forecasts that are available for subscription. You may browse study abstracts and learn how to subscribe from the MULTICLIENT STUDIES.

To learn more about subscribing to LAB Market Report or the Surfactant Developments Newsletter, see the NEWSLETTERS section.

Of course, contact us to find out more about how Colin A. Houston & Associates, Inc. can help your business succeed.